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Saturday the 24th June the field was moved, by Bill and Olof.

To the right is an FPV video of mowing, maybe this will inspire some more volunteers to help mow. It goes much quicker with 2 of us.

I plan to mow again next Friday or Saturday.


Todays Feature FPV footage!

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OpTerra Maiden

So I got in 2.5 flights today or maybe 3.5. Depending on how you count.

Sharyn came to the field and shot wth our trusty EX3, thanks Sharyn.

I had the Mobius onboard and this video shows both intercut. It is the whole first flight.

I am surpriced how hard you have to toss the OpTerra. I even do a running start. The first aborted flight was a light toss the way I usually launch a motorized glider. I have several.

This is a different animal for sure. It is a very slow reacting calm flyer both in EX3 mode and Launch mode. Make sure you have lots of space to turn in "launch/safe" mode it works well but is very sluggish. At least with 2200 3s and CG as suggested. And it took me by surplice how floaty it is.

My second flight was much better good launch and nice landing. I did manage to tip stall (accelerated stall) up high on purpose and just a plain stall as well very benign behavior. I think it will make a great FPV platform, not a racer for sure but nice starter.

I will post video of flight 2 probably tomorrow. I do have to go flying again and mow the field as well. Now I have to eat the salmon I just smoked as I edited and posted this video.

Life is rough when you are retired...
Here is flight 2. I am more confident here. I split the screen for the last of the flight, to show onboard vid and earthbound as well.

My Mobius had a problem on both flights in the beginning of each the video was scrambled. I think it may be heat related. It was quite hot and direct sunlight and I did turn it on at the flight stand so it was on for a while with little air movement in direct sun. So both launches and start of flights were unwatchable.

I am really starting to like this wing. More flying tomorrow if the rain stays away I will practice stalls and recovery and figure out exactly how slow you can fly, as well as really flying in "launch/safe" mode to see if I am smoother that way. Otherwise Sunday my Spotter pilot will be at the field so I will try the goggles for FPV.

My feeling is you need a lot of space for this one. I need to practice short field landings. I miss the rudder for slipping on final to scrub speed. Air brakes would be a nice addition, maybe I will experiment with that so I can fly in tighter places, with more control. Recovering spinns with no rudder is hard.

Nice wing but I bet it can really bite you if you get complacent.
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2 Upcoming Events:
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We now have a 42' x 12' permanent magic carpet runway at Hubble field

Don and I installed the carpet on Sunday and even though it was pretty gusty and hot we gave it a few test flights.

Also I remind everyone we have a new first aid kit in the MailBox. It is inside the Burger King bag. Hopefully it will not get legs too soon, once again I recommend everyone carry their own kit in there car when flying, it is a good idea anyway.

Below is an iPhone video of a Viking flight testing the carpet runway. And testing my skills landing in gusts. I almost knocked Dons hat off. But all ends well a good test.

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The June FunFly and meeting was held Sunday the 4th.

The minutes from the meeting will be posted on the Members only pages as soon as our Secretary emails them to me.

It was a beautiful day and some great flying took place as usual there were a few gusts to make life interesting, but a good time was had by all. We had a few families stop by to watch us tear up the sky. Mike was in fine form flying a new model with a 30 year old Nitro 2 stroke, and his custom Big Stick as well.

Pizza and conversation made for a nice change to craning your neck. I brought a camera to the field and shot some as did Jeff T. Below is a slideshow of some of the action.
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Latest news on model registrations.

FAA Registration Requirement Struck Down

As you’ve probably heard by now, a federal appeals court today struck down the FAA’s registration requirement for recreational model aircraft. You can read the opinion here.

Today’s Court ruling is effective immediately. As such, if you have not registered with the FAA, you are no longer required under the law to do so. For those of you who have already registered with the FAA, you may be wondering what this means for you. We are currently working to obtain answers from the FAA and will share more information as it becomes available.

Please keep in mind that this is a fluid situation and there is always the possibility of a renewed push in Congress to compel federal registration for model aircraft. If that happens, rest assured that AMA will continue to advocate for your interests and keep you well informed every step of the way. We have repeatedly argued that federal registration for our community is duplicative and unnecessary, as our members already register their model aircraft with AMA. In addition, our 80-year history of safe and responsible flying demonstrates that we’re not the problem. We shouldn’t be burdened by overly broad regulations.

Today’s ruling also bodes well for our pending court challenge to the FAA’s interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft (also known as the Interpretative Rule). That petition, which AMA filed in 2014, is currently before the same Court that today rejected the FAA’s registration rule and affirmed the strength of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, otherwise known as Section 336. This gives us hope for our continued fight against the Interpretive Rule.

We understand that these policy and legal developments are sometimes dizzying and complicated, and they are rarely resolved quickly. We’re nearly three years into our challenge to the Interpretive Rule, for example. We truly appreciate your sticking with us while we press on in the fight to protect your right to fly, free from unnecessary and burdensome restrictions.

AMA Government Affairs

More info: