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The field is aerated!

Don and I plug aerated the field Saturday, it was really necessary, this should get rid of the grubs.

At the same time we dragged the field as can be seen in the photo on the right, all this while mowing.

We also seeded and rolled the areas where the grass was dead from grub and winter kill.

And we should have our new carpet sometime early next week.

So I hope to see you all at the field soon.


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Photo from my new Radian XL glider.

It was a very short flight as the wind was gusting up to 25 and switching into all quarters at the same time. No damage done.
Hopefully the wind will die down for tomorrows Sunday flying.

Below the photo is a video of the exiting flight.

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The field is compacted!

Bill and I compacted the field this morning, it was really necessary, there were so many tufts from several years w/o compacting.

The field and the pits are now much smoother, it will make for much easier taxiing.

We plan to mow, plug aerate and drag this Sunday and seed where we have grub damage and winter kill as well .

And we should have our new carpet sometime early next week.

So I hope to see you all at the field soon.


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Finally the field is open this spring!

The shelter is up and the field has been mowed for the first time.
Extensive flight testing has also been performed.

We had a pretty small turnout for the first meeting and work day, but everything got done.
It was decided that we need to plug aerate the field and compact all the tufts. We are renting a mid size rolling compactor and a plug aerator in the next few weeks. The exact day will be posted here we need all the hands we can get to help seeding compacting and dragging the field.

It was also decided that we will install 200 yards of outdoor carpeting over the worst part of the Grub damage. This will make it easy to fly small wheel models as well as EDF jets, these are showing up more and have a hard time with the grass, so this should help a lot.

It should be a great flying year with these new improvements, our new mower does a fantastic job.

Stay tuned for email (to all members) and updates on the workday here.


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The FAA NPRM on registration requiring your FAA number to be located on the outside of the model went into effect on February 25.
No size or location was specified.
For scale modelers, you can write your FAA number on a piece of blue tape and stick it on the airplane when you fly, removing it after landing.
Please make sure that your club members are using the correct FAA website:
If you fly Free flight or Control Line outside, you do not need to have your number on the aircraft.

This is from the AMA, and this is a requirement from the FAA, if you don't comply you are in violation of the FAA rules and may be prosecuted and fined.

The MWVRCC is not an enforcement agency for the FAA and we will not be policing this rule.
But we as club officers highly recommend you comply with the rule.
I personally add my AMA # and phone # to the sticker I have on all my planes in addition to the FAA #.

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