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Thanks Mike, for help with mowing Sunday.

So it was a somewhat hot muggy day Sunday the 17th. But there was still quite a bit of flying. The air was really still and no major accidental meetings with the planet took place. Pretty much every landing was a greaser. Or at least pretty smooth. With a few multi landings, or kangaroo landings.

Next Sunday the 24th of September is our FunFly and Meeting.

We will be mowing at 10:30 and I will be bringing stain and rollers/brushes to stain the new table tops on our picnic tables. Meeting is at noon followed by Pizza and lots flying I am sure.

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Sunday the 10th of September was a spectacular day. And a very busy one at Hubble field. Lots of flying.

Nitro, Electrics, Drones and FPV flights. Including a few spectacular crashes.

I crashed my C47 after dropping the paratroopers, it was getting a bit gusty and I stalled as I was paying too much attention to watching the paratroopers descend. Another winter project to rebuild the C47, oh well you have to love this hobby. Rob should email me a video of the para-drop and the crash, when he does I will post it here. Not my proudest moment but kind of funny.

Here is the Crash Video of my C47.

The good part is as you can see the entire crew made it out if the plane before the death spiral. They all parachuted to safety after the 109 shot down the C47. Actually I had my eye on the parachutes and tip stalled the C47 and I did not have enough altitude to recover. It was a bit gusty, but this was classic pilot error.

As I stated above now I have another winter project…

I am posting a video of my first FPV flight Sunday below. This includes my first FPV landing. Very easy as it turns out, it really helps to have the speed indicator, so you can anticipate the stall. I am slowly working my way into FPV flying. Always with a spotter pilot in this case 3 of them. This flight was early in the day so it was pretty nice with a steady wind from the NW. I had another FPV flight later on and it was a very bumpy ride, just after I crashed my C47. So I will not post that one as you get motion sick watching the OpTerra get banged around. And you can really see it getting pushed sideways as the wind picks up. I will post that video as well if anyone wants to get sick watching it, email me a request and I will post it here.

The upper right in the video is the view in the FPV goggles with the telemetry from the GPS onboard the OpTerra. It also gives battery information in the bottom of the screen, very handy.

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We used to do a lot of Soaring here at the club a few years ago.

Well we now have a member, Dick, who is getting enthusiastic about that part of this hobby.

So this Sunday August 27, I will bring a HiStart setup and Don will as well. I will also bring the Big Cub for towing.

So if you have a glider model bring it Sunday. I will bring some motor gliders and Discus gliders as well.

Below is a 4 year old video of some of the fun we had with gliders…

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