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Sunday the 15th of October was beautiful and warm, but turned a bit gusty in the afternoon.

We mowed and took down the shelter tarp. A few years ago we had wind damage in a fall wind storm, so why take chances.

The field is in great shape and just because the tarp is down does not mean we are closed, get out to the field and enjoy some of these exquisite fall days. I know I will a few times in the coming weeks.

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The Crew hard at work, keeping things beautiful at Hubble Field.

Thanks for all the work guys…

Sunday the 24th was a very hot and humid day in Conway.But the flying was nice, Jeff did some thermaling and said it was really good in the late afternoon.

We had our meeting and it was decided that the MWVRCC Xmas party will be our next meeting. It will be December 7 a Thursday at 6:00 PM. It will be at my house in Bartlett, and it will be Pizza and BYOB. Members will receive email details as we get closer. It was also decided that we will try for flying in Fryeburg Academy Field house again this winter and in Bartlett School as well. More details here on the WEB site as we have specific info.

So here are 4 videos fro Sunday the 24th of September shot before the meeting and after:

First is the maiden flight of the Red Waco.

It was way too tail heavy and very twitchy aileron and elevator response, I trimmed a lot of nose down but this made it a bit hard to land in gusty conditions, it was 92 degrees, a ridiculous temp for late September in Northern NH.

So I was not real happy with flight one, but I must say she is beautiful in the red dress.

Second flight was much better, I added 1.5 oz of lead in the nose. I will add bit more as well in a nicer way than just taping it on. I was using 2500 50c 4s lipos, plenty of power, she does like to go fast but then requires substantial nose down elevator. ½ throttle seems the most comfortable and that is where I trimmed her for level flight.

I think tilting the motor down may be the best solution, as she tends to dive a bit now with power off, that would allow some nose ballast reduction w/o the tilt, or I could mix elevator with throttle. I may play with that soon. She is no Tiger, but I think I will grow to like her a lot, she is absolutely stunning in the air against a blue sky. I also put more expo on elevator and ailerons and reduced aileron travel a bit.

I flew 3 more Waco flights after Sharyn and the trusty old EX3 left, and we are getting to know each other better now, very different from the Tiggie but still very nice. I think she did a great job in the heat.

Third video — What can I say, I just love the old Tiggie, and I love flying her with a tail. Still my favorite.

Fourth video is a quick FPV flight I took with Don as Safety Pilot. I am getting the hang of this now, landings are really very easy seen from the goggles, it is nice to have the speed indication as well in the telemetry. This shows what nice shape the field is in and some interesting views of the trestle bridge and athletic fields on the other side of the RR tracks. The upper right screen in the video is what is seen in the goggles, it is actually a recording made in the FatSharks. This is really getting to be like flying like a bird. They probably have better telemetry and clearer vision though…

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