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Thanks to Don, Jeff, Becky, Sharyn for putting up the tarp over the shelter Sunday.
Now the field is completely open for the season. The field is mowed and in great shape.

I plan to mow again on Saturday Morning at 11:00 AM so we are in great shape for Memorial day weekend, any help is appreciated.

We will have our first meeting sometime in June as Don will be in Canada next weekend, and I will be on the Cape the following weekend. So either Sunday the 8th or 15th of June.

The club mower is working fine now with a new battery.

Below are a few aerials of the mowed field Sunday from my FPV flight with the Opterra, Don as safety pilot or VO (Visual Observer).


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Here is the first FPV flight this year. Monday with my Opterra, you can see the condition of the field well Jeff was my safety pilot.

I had a bit of difficulty landing with the crosswind but it all ended well.

Last weekend was the opening of Hubble Field 2018.

Conditions were great, even better on Monday.

Below is a video frame grab of Jeffs glider over the field Monday.

We will plan a workday soon.


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