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Sunday the 20th of August was our August FunFly and MWVRCC club meeting.

First the field will was mowed, the ends of the rough was also cut to 6" hight. Then we had a meeting and Pizza.

Even though it was a bit blustery, gusts up to 25mph is my guess, and nice steady NW flow at 200+ ft, we got a lot of flying in.

Below is a video of one of my Opterra FPV flights where googles were worn by spectators. We had a lot of visitors some that will definitely learn to fly with the club. This is a good way to introduce new pilots to the fun of flying. It was too windy to do any buddy boxing. In the upper right corner is the view from the googles recorded with telemetry about the flight, quite interesting, you can deffinetly see the difference in groundspeed into the wind.

But as the day wore on the wind calmed a bit and we had dozens of flights, by Lee, Dick, Don, Olof, Jeff and Bill of course.

Lee donated a couple engines to the club and two were snapped up by members so the club made some money, thanks Lee.

Hope to see you at the field soon…


Screen grab from video of short final to freshly moved Hubble Field.

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As you know I am exploring the FPV possibilities of this hobby, now with my new OpTerra.

I know some hate the idea, but it is really a fun new way to enjoy our hobby, and if done safely no more risky than any other flying we do.

If you have any comments or thoughts about FPV flying, email ( )me and I will post your comments here.

Here is my FPV flight from Wednesday at GuildHall Fun Flyers Filed.

One thing I feel is imperative is a safety pilot (or spotter pilot) when flying FPV. This helps spotting other aircraft and making sure your altitude and distance is within AMA specs, and that you never fly out of visual range.

Don was my spotter up in Vermont.

This is video from the Mobius, I did not get the micro SD for the ezOSD yet, so no video showing telemetry.

Telemetry is really great right in the goggles, I will add video of that view here soon.

But here are some comments.

The altitude is off about 30-70' often. The arrow back to TO is very nice and continually accurate. The distance to TO is also quite accurate.

Max groundspeed today 59mph
Max altitude 412' ( I don't trust this)
Average groundspeed 35mph
used 1700 mAhr for 8 minutes flying, this checks as my 3300 had 50% left after landing.
Max discharge 28A (climbing full throttle)
Gliding discharge 0.5A powering camera ezOSD and ESC servos RX

I like the ezOSD, it does not obstruct the screen too much.

Next fight Sunday I should be recording the goggle view as well.

There was about 20kt wind aloft, you can see the crab angle in some of the video. It was gusty on the ground but the OpTerra was super easy to fly and land even if it got bounced around a bit in the wind shear.

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We now have 8 Tables at the field outside the fence and 3 in the pits, so that should be enough for a dozen flyers at one time.

Don, Bill, Jeff W. and Olof all worked mowing and repairing tables this Sunday. The picnic tables have new tops and there are 3 new round tables curtesy of NH Electric CooP. With fresh carpeting by Jeff W.

The field is in great shape. It was a bit windy Sunday but that did not stop all flights. I did some FPV and Mattias from Germany visited the field and got to fly my new trainer on the buddy box. He did really well for gusty weather. The trainer did end up in the onion patch but with no damage at all. I did not take over fast enough as the trainer stalled in a gust.

Flying should great tomorrow and some of us may be at the field again tomorrow.

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Sunday the 24th July 2017 was our Funfly and Meeting for July.

First we all helped out mowing and then there was the meeting a lot of flying followed.

There has been a lot of interest in FPV in our sport lately and we do have several members that fly FPV at our field now.

I decided I wanted to try as well with a flying wing, you may recall the videos posted here about the Opterra Maiden etc. These videos are also available in the Video section of this site.

I had my first Opterra FPV flight Sunday with Zach as my Safety Pilot, we took turns in the googles. Zach actually flew FPV before me. I was amazed at how easy it is, the Opterra is also a very stable wing. FPV really is fun and a great new at least to me part of this hobby.

The video below was later Sunday when Tim was wearing the goggles and I was flying LOS (line of sight, regular RC flying). Don took off with his Mentor and had a few tricks for us, smoke and banner drop.

I think it would have been much easier to follow the Mentor if I was wearing the goggles, but Tim gave me directions and I managed to catch the (flour) smoke and banner drop. It is hard to follow exactly from the ground. Soon I will be doing much more Opterra FPV, I am slowly working my way into FPV. I think a good safety pilot is a must, and that pilot must be able to take over quickly.

One thing I noticed is when you take your goggles off to fly LOS, you are temporarily blinded on a bright sunny day like last Sunday, and w/o someone else there to fly until your vision returns it can be impossible to spot your aircraft when blinded by the sun. You also need someone to keep an eye out for low flying GA aircraft and military or EMS helicopters.

But I would love to see more of us fly FPV at the field , it would be fun to fly with a couple FPV aircraft in formation.

Enjoy the video!


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We now have a 42' x 12' permanent magic carpet runway at Hubble field

Don and I installed the carpet on Sunday and even though it was pretty gusty and hot we gave it a few test flights.

Also I remind everyone we have a new first aid kit in the MailBox. It is inside the Burger King bag. Hopefully it will not get legs too soon, once again I recommend everyone carry their own kit in there car when flying, it is a good idea anyway.

Below is an iPhone video of a Viking flight testing the carpet runway. And testing my skills landing in gusts. I almost knocked Dons hat off. But all ends well a good test.

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