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Jeff did a bit of work on our RunUp benches, the season is not completely over yet.

Take the next nice day to fit in a few flights, I certainly will.

And I plan on seeing a lot of you in Fryeburg in January. For the meeting and flying in the Academy FieldHouse.

I will post details here when we have a definite date and time.

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Another flying season is drawing to a close.
We have taken the tarp off the shelter and we are storing it for the winter.
There may still be a few more nice days to fly before the great white landscaper arrives, he is creeping down the valley as seen above from my back yard.

So I hope to see at least some of you at the field at least one more time in November.

Jeff is working on some indoor flying in Fryeburg Academy Field House again.
We are not flying in Bartlett this Winter, attendance was very light last Winter so it seemed not worth the effort.

We are now planning a Party/meeting in January.

The idea is to go to have
January meeting after FA field house flying,
and then gather at the 302 West Smokehouse right around the corner.
It's reasonable and has many more choices than just pizza.

Flying is optional, but the Field House is a fantastic venue.

I will post when the date is final here and do an emailing to all members as soon as a decision is made.


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