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As was decided at the January meeting at Merlinos,

MWVRCC now has a new Trailer, bought by Olof and Don and assembled from a kit. This will be used to tow and store a mower we are purchasing this spring to do our own mowing.

The cost was $260.00 for the trailer and the registration and wood was an additional $112.00. We are also installing a tarp over the trailer/mower for storage.

MWVRCC just recieved a plaque
, and patches for all members. We have now been a Gold Leader Club for 15 years.
All members will receive a badge at the spring cleanup meeting or at one of the meetings at Hubble field.

The Spring cleanup day will be posted here as soon as we decide the flying season is about to start again.
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This is from the AMA!

Members required to register with FAA

AMA members are now required by regulation to register their aircraft with the FAA to avoid federal enforcement and potential penalties. All Radio Control modelers must register aircraft weighing greater than 0.55 pounds online no later than February 19, 2016. The registration fee is $5. However, FAA is offering free registration when registering on or before midnight EST on January 21. Online registration can be accomplished on the FAA webpage at, . Several AMA staff members and AMA leaders have been working with legal counsel and the FAA to find a solution for our members on the registration rule. To date, FAA has agreed in principle to several proposed initiatives that will help ease this process for our members in the future. Visit to learn more.

Click here for a list of FAQ's by the AMA

This is all developing very quickly.

I will keep you posted here, and the AMA will be emailing all AMA members about this as it plays out.

This is basically happening because of the irresponsible way so many new "Drone Pilots" are behaving. They don't understand the US Airspace system of rules and are continually getting into trouble.

The big reason the FAA and DOT are announcing these new rules is to educate new pilots.
In order to register they have to read and agree to follow the rules. If they don't they are in violation.

We as AMA sanctioned club already like all AMA clubs teach and voluntarily follow these very common sense rules, in my opinion it is very sad that the FAA feels it has to institute these rules. But I am afraid it is now too late to stop this.

Here is a link for you to register: